Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Drinkies and collage making is fun

I saw this idea on Kelle Hampton's amazing blog yesterday and since Noah is home for one more week I was dying for an idea to keep him occupied.  Now granted this was a blast for me and hubby last night after six  a few nightcaps it was not nearly as fun this morning when I attempted it with Noah.  Lets just say there is Modge Podge ALL OVER the kitchen.  As soon as he had a hefty dose of the stuff all over his hands, hair and table, he was all done and wanted to do something else.  Never mind that he only actually glued one picture to the frame. 
As I said previous, me and hubs spent the better part of the evening, after the kids went to bed, scouring magazines for cute sayings and pictures.  By about 11pm Dov was extricating things like "urine and feces" and "fish taco" so I decided that it was probably bedtime.  I strongly recommend trying this craft project with your significant other since we had a better time doing this than we have had doing anything in the past few weeks.  It is also kind of funny to see what the other half pulls out of his hat.  I never knew Dov was such a sentimental guy! 
If I get any "good" comments on this post I will even entertain the thought of making one for you.  Even if it is just because I want another excuse to stay up late nixing the use of the word diarrhea on the frame.  That and I have like 400 tons of Modge Podge and six more wooden frames.  The one with Bell is on the bookshelf in the den and the one of huge pregnant me is where else but in MY ROOM!!! Yippee.

Yes we are totally feeling the first day of summer.  So what if our pool water is brown now.  So what if we took the hose to the kids in the driveway.  It's summer baby.  Bare feet and Popsicle time.  Just watch out for the black ants.  They have taken to following the kids around piling up on dropped pieces of pop in the driveway.  Happy Summer!

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