Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers day plumbing project and a big DISLIKE

Saturday the Hubs and I attended the wedding of my eldest cousin Andrew.  It was a beautiful wedding and also gave us a chance to catch up with the McLean side of the family.  I think all families have one side that they see more then the other.  In my family my mothers side is the party planners, the lively crew, the ones that like to BBQ.  Dad's family is more subdued, a little more reclusive, still a hoot when you finally see them but not the type to plan a impromptu cookout and let loose very often.  This often means that before a event where they will all be there I feel a level of anxiety.  It is always for nothing because once we get down to talking there is always laughs and a good time to be had.

Me and Dov

Mom and me
My cousin Heather and me
Papa and two of his three granddaughters.  Can you tell who took modeling classes and learned how to take a picture...ya it was not me!   I think I was saying cheese like some kind of moron.

Sunday was Fathers Day and I am sorry to report that we did nothing fun.  When I got up that morning and asked Dov what he wanted to do he picked a home project which SUCKS!  Yes it is nice to have a husband that can do projects around the house with relative ease but it means that usually someone gets stuck keeping the kids out of the way and being extremely bored.  Since it was a beautiful day in the 80's with no humidity I was pissed to say the least.  Yes I was pretty wretched for Father Day.  I feel like a dick about it now but I was really not feeling the cutting open of the ceiling in our dining room and washing drywall dust out of Noah's eyes on that freakin' gorgeous day!!!  I have asked for a do-over, complete with a trip to the beach.  I promise I will behave and not pout if I am sitting in the sand not thinking about bathroom plumbing.  Hope everyone had a great weekend and a better Fathers Day then ours.  We will definitely be doing something non-home related next weekend.

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