Monday, June 20, 2011

Having a big brother must rock

 The Keyes Park Crew
My kiddos have been extremely lucky the past few days.  They have had the chance to be spoiled by both Grammies.  Saturday into Sunday Dov's mother was here to watch the kids, in which Noah was spoiled so much that he acts like a baby again...even asking to wear a bib at dinner?!  Oh I know, Grammies are allowed to dote on the grand babies but the glorious let down when the Grammy leaves and Mom starts making the rules again.  HAHAHAHA, oh it is evil.
The catch being that today my mother came up so Noah's transition back into reality was delayed by one more day.  We went shopping at my fave spot, the Dollar Tree then over to Target to return all the wrong sized shorts that I bought for all the Dads in my life and then we even braved lunch at Unos and a trip to the park. 
It was at the park that the glaring personality differences in my two children become evident.  Noah runs right to the play structure, finds the first kid he sees and asks him if he wants to be friends.  Bell on the other hand tilts her head to her shoulder and stays real close to mommy.  Afraid of everything unless her big brother is there.  She won't even attempt any single thing until she sees Noah and then very slowly and cautiously she will make her way over and climb up, always making sure she can make eye contact.

Within minutes Noah had a gaggle of friends and knew them all by name.  He is soooo not like me.  I am like my daughter.  A wallflower, a skirt clinger, and VERY VERY cautious.  It was more then OK though because my little girlie is a sucker for Grammies dog Shirley and vice versa.  Quite a kinship those two are sharing.  All in all it was a very good day!
Shirley and Bell going for a walk

Of course I had to get in the tube too

Hanging tough

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