Sunday, June 26, 2011


ME TOO! ME TOO!  Has become the mantra in the Jaffe household.  No matter what any one INDIVIDUAL person is doing, the rest of the family is all "ME TOO ME TOO ME TOO!!!!!"  I hate it.  I expect it out of Noah, and he comes through quite often but who I didn't expect it from is my husband.  He comes in at a close second to Noah with the ME TOO's.

"What are you doing?  I want to come!"
"What are you eating?  Can I have some!"
"Oh...can I have a sip of your drink?"  blah blah blah

He doesn't always use the ME TOO but it is, in general, the same thing.

I have seen instances were Noah will be in the living room watching T.V and he will hear me start unwrapping a teething cookie for Bella.  He will pause the movie, fly off the couch, start running into the kitchen, fall and smash his head on the floor, jump up and scream, "what are you crinkling, I hear a package!!! What is it?  ME TOO ME TOO!" 

Most often it applies to food but it can also cross over into toys, attention, and almost any other daily activity.  Brushing your too!  Putting lotion too!  Taking a too!  Sitting on the too!  I swear I am starting to go bat shit crazy with it.  So bad that now I have started doing it as well.  Rubbing banana mush into my new too!  Shaking your sippy cup upside down all over the too!  Screaming and running around in too!

A few shots of a ME TOO session.

She is just waiting for Noah to say I want a pink tutu!!! ME TOOOOOOOOOO!

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