Sunday, June 5, 2011

Music tells a story too

To wrap a weekend up.

It was good.

Now anyone that has read this blog more then once knows that there is music here.  Some of you are annoyed by that music and wish that I did not have it there.  I have news for you...I LOVE THE MUSIC.  It is the motivation for anything else that happens here.  Sometimes I will listen to a song and it will set the tone for the blog, the day, the week...that's the way I have always been.  Madly in love with music.  The good, the bad, the insanely uncool, and anything that I grew up hearing.  The music is almost more important to me then the blog.  Weird but true.  The pictures come second to the music and the words just try to tie it all together.

Imagine my surprise when I was doing some blog maintenance and heard a McDonald's ad start playing in the middle of my carefully crafted playlist!  I immediately hopped over to the Project Playlist site and was notified that there was a new sheriff in town and no longer would the music start automatically and would also have advertisements strewn throughout.  I couldn't have that, so over to Mixpod I went.  The music quality is not nearly as good but I will take that sacrifice if it means you don't have to hear about the BOGO sale at Payless while reading.  If you hate the music I am sorry, it is here to stay.  I love it.  It is just another way of getting things across, and sometimes I just like the jam and want you to hear it too.  Either way here is the weekend in pictures.  I had a great one and I hope you did too.

Noah's makeshift Harley.  Pretty sweet.

How does my garden grow?  Just fine thank you.  Sometimes less is more.  Well maybe we were just lazy this year.

Don't worry there will be some more deck plants and herbs but this takes care of the lettuce, peppers, and beans.  That old chicken shit in the coop came in handy after all.  You see when you buy a house they say it will come in broom swept condition.  That obviously does not include cleaning out the chicken coop or emptying the three barns of 50 years of crap.  Oh well.  Live and learn I guess.

Yard sale find!!!!  Hammered copper planter $10.00 and so long as I don't have to lift it we're cool.

Just because.  I heart her to death.

If you are a jackass that buys your kid every damn toy in the store then you have far too much money and should donate it to charity instead of wasting it on crap your kid could care less about.  How much entertainment can a 1 year old get from a 1 dollar bag of toy kitchen junk?  Endless.  You heard it!!Endless hours of entertainment.  Thanks twin nanny Sue!!!

These are from my VERY old neighbor who's husband grew up in my house and is now 98!  She wanted us to pick these today so that we could root them and plant them in our yard.  She said making our yard pretty will be so rewarding.  She is right.

Lastly there was this.  The stained glass window that was in my childhood home is now in MY home.  Flanking the entryway.  So mom....what ya think?

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