Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Not for the faint of heart...or stomach.

This morning was supposed to be a great one.  Noah started his summer class and me and Bell were going to enjoy some girl time, planting some flower boxes, playing in the pool, and maybe even a cat nap.  After dropping Noah off I wanted to get a car wash so I drove to the closest one and got in line.  As I waited I look into the backseat to see if Bell was asleep.  Not a second after I look back she projectile vomits all over the place.  So much for a car wash.

I fly home, gagging from the smell of rotten milk, yogurt and fruit that was the contents of Bella's breakfast.  Get her out of the car which means you are elbow deep in vomit.  Not the little baby formula kind but more like what a grown persons vomit looks like.  Run a bath and get her all clean.  Now it is time to tackle the car.  It is quite warm this morning so the smell is magnified.  Let me just say, the car seats today are a complete pain in the ass, both to put in a car and to take out.  There are buckles, clips, and seat belts involved, all in the hardest to reach places.  Now add to that a pile of vomit that you are leaning over and I can tell you it is a ugly sight.

The culprit
Once the car seat is extracted from the vehicle comes the real fun part.  Getting the cover off the GD thing.  More snaps and elastics and buckles all glistening in the summer sun, covered in what else?  Vomit.  Now the flies have caught wind of my plight and are honing in on me and my situation.  Well I got the stupid thing off and it is now in the washing machine along with my clothes, since they too became a casualty in this fiasco.  Having kids is not for the faint of heart.  On a positive note Bell seems to have puked and rallied.  She is running around quite content.  As for me I am exhausted and need another shower.  Hope y'all had a nice weekend!
It's a good thing they are cute!! Muah baby girl!

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