Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pink sky in the morning, a sailors warning. Pink sky at night, a sailors delight.

No tornadoes here yesterday!  Since we are at a high elevation the storm kind of skirted around all sides of us.  The sky was pretty crazy...bright sun on one side and black clouds on the other for most of the afternoon.  After the last storm passed around 8 pm the sun came out like it was the middle of the afternoon.  About a half hour later it was just breathtaking.  The pictures can not do it justice.  It was like the sky was saying, Phew!  Thank God that is over. Then stretched out it's prettiest clouds.

The storms took all that horrible humidity and put it where it belongs...the beach.  Inland Massachusetts and New Hampshire are having perfectly beautiful DRY weather.  After yesterday being so muggy and hot this is a welcome change.  The only problem is that with the storms leaving so did my husband, flying out to Wisconsin VERY early this morning.  I hate being alone at night and know for a fact that I will wake up a billion times tonight.  Funny how when your husband is actually IN the bed you bitch about him snoring, stealing the covers, groping at you all night hogging your side, but when he is not can't sleep.  Maybe the other man in the house will do me the honor and sleep with his momma tonight.  Yes I am pretty sure he will oblige.

One last side note.  My little Noah attends a preschool program that is what they call "integrated."  That means that there are children in his class that are all over the development spectrum.  Many of the kids in his class are on the Autism spectrum and some are physically delayed.  I was told yesterday that Noah is a terrific friend and a great advocate for one little girl in his class who is in a wheelchair.  Making sure that she has anything that she needs.  When I asked about her wheelchair the other day Noah said to me very matter of fact, "Well Mom that is the way she was made. That's all."  He is such a compassionate little man, makes my Momma heart proud.  Love him so much.

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