Friday, June 24, 2011

Yes I am the mental person you saw at Target.

I drive a Hyundai Elantra.  A very impractical car for a mother with two children.  The reason that I drive this particular car is because I am impulsive and impatient.  Well maybe I was just done with being the only one out of all my friends that was still driving a car bought off of Craigslist.  That and the whole wondering if this might be the year they fail your cars inspection due to the deadly rust in the wheel wells.  Prior to the purchase of my economy size car I was driving a 1995 Toyota Camry station wagon with a hood that was missing 80% of it's paint and well we already covered the rust.  All in all it was a decent car and had plenty of room for all the baby paraphernalia.  When I was driving this vehicle I only had one child and started to feel like maybe I didn't need to be driving such a "mom" car. 

So fast forward.  We move to Virginia and the whole cash for clunkers is in FULL EFFECT.  I had been begging and pleading for a new whip for a while so Dov decided that we should go take a look.  First dealership we entered, cheapest new car I could afford, sold.  Must have been that new car smell effecting my better judgement, since at the time I was pretty sure I was knocked up again and would soon need even more room for all the additional baby crap. 

So here I am.  Stuck with my bad decision.  I will tell you a sad but true story here so as to make clear my situation.  I have two children as you know.  A boy almost 4 (wow) and a girl 1.  This means that for stroller options you really only have one.  A sit and stand.  Since getting a 3 almost 4 year old to sit anywhere not to mention in a carriage is lunacy to say the least.  Sit and stand is a stroller in the front and a standing area with a little jump seat thing in case the older child decides to make your life easier and sit the hell down (never happens).  It is not small.  It does not fold easily with one hand like the ad says.  God forbid you have any of the attachments on it, it  will appear like you are a homeless person pushing a shopping cart full of your worldly possession's.

These are not my children.  You can tell because both of them are pretty much enjoying the stroller.  Mine like to hang like monkeys all over it and pretty much find any way to get the strap around their neck so it appears that I am trying to kill them.

It was with this stroller and a trunk full of Target shopping bags, a jumbo sized box of diapers, and probably a shit ton of other useless crap I had in there at that moment, that I had a compete nervous breakdown in the middle of a Target parking lot.  It was raining and I had just about had it with my life the kids and for some reason the stupid carriage would not fold up properly.  Try as I might I could not for the life of me get this thing into it's slightly smaller form.  10 minutes later I am trying to shove this thing in the trunk of my Hyundai unfolded.  Scratching the paint, crushing groceries, and crying.  Yes me not the children.  Although Noah was in the car screaming "WHAT ARE YOU DOING MOM!"  "HURRY UP!"  By the time the adrenaline had worn off I was a sweaty, crying mess.  People were driving by slowly staring like I was a car wreck and I did not care.  I took that carriage out of the trunk and smashed the stupid tray off the front since it seemed to me the only logical thing to do at the time.  Somehow it folded up and I was able to get the hell out of there.  God I hope they don't have security cameras.

Moral of the story.  Don't buy any old new car just to have a "new" car.  I would be much better off in my trusty old wagon even if the kids would be covered in gaping wounds from rubbing up against the rust.  At least I wouldn't look like a loon in the middle of a parking lot somewhere.   


  1. Will it ever stop raining in New Hampshire? And why are strollers soooo heavy? I have the double Chicco and I think it weighs more then I do! I am currently looking to move up from a Trailblazer to a small bus now that I have 4 kids! LOL

  2. The rain is redic! I think my house is about to float down Mt. Monadnock. The strollers are crazy heavy and it doesn't help that you need to be a engineer to figure out how to close them up. I second getting a small bus! LOL