Saturday, July 16, 2011

I got a PRESENT!!!

I know I have said it before but I will say it again...I LOVE mowing my lawn.  I love mowing in the morning, I love mowing in the evening.  What I don't love is mowing in the blistering heat and trying to do it before Bella Boo gets up from her increasingly shorter afternoon nap.  I also was not seeing the amazing results of all that exercise, since my ass is still the same size as the first time I took the push mower for a go-round.  That and the beautiful calluses that are forming on my hand are not as lady like as I had hoped for.

All this led to me beginning the barrage of bitching and complaining about the fact that we needed to get a ride around lawn mower.  Every time we would go to Lowes I would stop and caress the Ariens and Weed Eaters lovingly while my husband went to buy me a new blade for my old stinky push mower.  Well ladies and gentlemen all my hemming and hawing has paid off.  Today we purchased ourselves a 18 year old SIMPLICITY lawn tractor. 

Made in the good old USA baby!  Won't find that with any new fangled lawn equipment!

Bell COULD NOT understand the level of excitement.

Oh I was happy as a pig in ya know!

Yes sir!  Sure did a good if I can just figure out how to not take myself out with tree branches that would be great.

This should come as no surprise to anyone that knows me or my husband for that matter.  I don't think we have purchased any single thing for our yard that was not second hand.  Weed Wacker-out of the trash in Bolton, Wheel Barrel-same place...the trash, rakes and shovels-all left behind from previous owner, leaf blower-Co-worker of Dov's was getting rid of it because it wouldn't does now! And most importantly my beloved and cherished snow blower-purchased from a 90 year old man who bought it new in 1990...ran like a champ all New Hampshire winter long. 

This lawn tractor had me grinning like a total fool all the live long mow.  Seriously, my face hurts from all that smiling.  I managed to mow over a acre of lawn in 20 minutes!  Now that is just skittledeedooda awesome! Does it matter that all my lawn equipment is legal to buy smokes and booze?  Nope, I am a country gal...pretty easy to please.

 My beautiful flower garden

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