Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just me, a can of white paint and some chickens

Lack of extra money + boredom + a half can of paint and two ugly household items = everything got painted today.  Truth be told it doesn't look too shabby.  Maybe a tad country cottage but isn't that what this old place should be...well if not completely decked out in chicken paraphernalia which is what I know mom would like.
The lamp has been with Dov since birth. It was a big, dark, wooden block of a lamp.  It was great in all of our first apartments where any piece of furniture was as good as Pier one to me.  When you start with nothing you'll take anything.  Even old 70's lamps.  Well 10 years and 5 moves later it had resigned to collecting dust in the garage with all the other discarded remnants of our starting out years. along with some old wooden folding chairs that were covered in spider webs and had lived in our garage before we even knew Captain Clark had a highway. 

Today I breathed new life into those old pieces of soon to be trash.  Are you ready...big reveal here.  Oh and try to block out the toys.  That ugly, bold colored plastic crap has all but taken over every single corner of my house and I can not wait for the day that I can have one of those terrible kids stuff yard sales.  You know the ones with all the exercausers, pack n plays, and Rubbermaid bins of clothes labeled in size by months.  The yard sales that you drive quickly by because you know it is all crap.

Ya that's leopard print...RARRRR.

Another thing that I have become obsessed with is signs.  Sayings carved into wood that I can not stop myself from buying and hanging all over the house.  I find it weird because I normally think that stuff is kind of soft but something has gotten into me and pretty soon I might need to find a signs anonymous meeting.  Want to see how out of hand it has gotten. 

It's the house that is crooked not my hang job although Dov may beg to differ...did I use a level?   Yeah if you call asking a three year old if something is straight a level.
It is official I have a problem.  This is just the downstairs too!

And because the chickens are officially in their coop and not smelling up my garage.  We celebrate.

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