Thursday, July 21, 2011

Now wasn't that fun!

On this dreadfully hot day I decided to get the hell out of dodge.  At 6:30 am I called my little Noah out of camp and started packing.  We were getting to the water before the heat got to me.  By 9:00 am there was nothing left to do but get in the car and head to the lake, Wyman lake that is.  The chickens were fed, the garden watered and SPF 50 was all over the bathroom and hopefully the children.  Off we went for a day of fun...but lets not kid ourselves, fun is not exactly what you get when venture off with two children age 4 and 1 and a dog that ranks as one of the neediest, clingiest, pains in the asses I have ever met.  No I might not of had my kind of fun but I think the kids enjoyed themselves and the dog was able to knock me off the dock at least 2 times so I think he had some fun...but me...I just worked.  Lunch, lugging and taking lots of pictures so that 20 years from now I can look back and say...WASN'T THAT SOOO MUCH FUN!...and I will probably really mean it.

This is what you see about 2 seconds before we bail INTO the water with your expensive camera.  Damn dog!  What did he see?  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  This is just for sport.

Bella just chillin in the lake surf...well for those of you that don't know there is a surf in a lake.  It is called a boat just went by...HERE COME THE WAVES!

Noah sharing his lunch with the sunfish.  Let me just say something here too.  For any moms out there that want to brave trips further then 10 minutes from the house.  BRING LOTS OF FOOD.  Like tons.  So much that as you pack it you are saying to yourself...this is a entire week of groceries...believe me they will eat it.  They will eat and eat and eat till you just open the cooler and walk away.  Vultures they are.  Oh and if there are juice boxes involved be prepared to be picking those suckers up all day...half full.
Sunfish.  Ugly little buggers.  They sure like Fluffernutter.  Almost as much as me. (That's for you Jen ;-) )
Finger lickin Go-gurt.  Yet another thing my son LOVES and I think looks like vomit in a tube.

Yup he is very handsome.  Oh and very fresh.  But the handsome tries to make up for it.
Third outfit of the day.  Takes after her auntie Katie a little I think.

Bella waved at every boat that past by.  And when they did not wave back this is what would happen.
Ummm HELLO!  Don't they see how super cute I am.  GAWD.  WHATEVER.

This is how I get back at a dog for knocking me off the dock. 

Guess which Scottish Irish lass got herself a tan this summer.  Yes me.  First tan in many summers.  I am proud of it.  Even if it will peel off in 2 days.

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