Monday, July 18, 2011

Pandora's Box

Alright girls, have you ever been home on a Friday night, bored and lonely, when you decide that it is definitely the night to reshape your eyebrows?  If you say no then you are lying.  If you say yes, then you know how it always ends.  With a eyebrow pencil and a few tense weeks while they grow back.  It always starts the same.  You have a clear vision of the eyebrow shape you want and you start tweezing away.  At first they look good, till you see that one hair on the top that's throwing things you go for it, and for some reason when you pull it out it is like opening Pandora's box.  You just can't seem to get back to a good place.  The more you tweeze the deeper in the shit you get till you have gone so far that the only solution is to shave them off and hope drawn in brows come back into fashion.  Of course just the opposite will occur and everyone will have Brooke Shield's bushy caterpillar's the next day.

The reason for this eyebrow rant is the following, men have the same problem.  No, not with tweezers but with hedge trimmers.  My dear husband decided that the large bush in the center of our yard needed a trim this weekend.  It all started off innocently enough and for the first fifteen minutes things were looking nice and tidy.  I decided that he could handle this job all by himself and hopped into the car to go to my favorite store...yes the Dollar Tree.  When I came home he was fully in the midst of a overtweeze.  It was so so so so very bad.  So bad that the first thing he said was, "we can find something else to plant here."  Ummmmm no!  I am thinking of planting him there.  Here are some before and after shots.  You can be the judge.  Oh and to top it off he planted a bunch of my LEAST favorite plants in the empty, barren space left behind...hastas!  ICK.
There's the bush, large and bountiful behind the Adirondack chairs.
Here she is now.  A pretty sad state of affairs if you ask me.

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