Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Reality escape hatch

We escaped reality on Sunday.  We went to the beach.  It had been a long and emotional week.  Although it was nice to get away from the home front, it was unmistakable that the families shape had changed again.  I felt it for the first time when my Nana passed, that knowledge that no holiday,  no family gathering, no day, would ever be the same.  In the beginning it is easy to block out that undeniable fact and the overwhelming pain that comes with it.  I think that is why we picked the beach.  And one of the most rowdy ones at that...Salisbury municipal beach.  Blaring live music, arcades, ice cream trucks and 900 million people going on with life like something MAJOR didn't just happen.  In that environment you let your brain turn off for a little bit and maybe for just a few moments take in the beauty of the ocean  enjoy your family, and then remember with a ache that Dave had many more beach days to go.  It is unfair and no beach day can deny that fact. We made the best of the beautiful weather and reminisced a lot.  Every gorgeous thing we saw we thanked Dave for.

I knew this is how Grampy's walk with the kids would end.
Noah feels tough with his styrofoam muscles
Forever a bathing beauty

This one is too cool for school

 Umbrella guy

I live vicariously through my daughter, if I can't wear one, she will.

 One half of an amazing team...the other half is sun bathing above.

 Where's Waldo?
I have not a clue what Bell was attempting here.  I do know that she can eat sand like NOBODYS BUSINESS!  Girl was crazy with that stuff.
Yeah I know my bathing suit is huge.  Hubby picked out a 1X for me.  Nice huh?  Oh well what are you gonna do...gave him two pretty cute kids so that counts for something right?

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