Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rescuing a dog from a rescue.

Well as announced on Facebook already, we got a dog.  After a long and exhaustive search we found our dog on the last place I thought I would ever find a dog...Craigslist.  We went to all the local rescue leagues and mostly found that they have A TON of restrictions when it comes to adopting a pet.  On top of the 4 page application there are 2 professional references needed, all of the family needs to meet the dog, there needs to be mortgage statements and they want you to agree to all sorts of terms like puppy classes etc. which I get but holy cripes what happened to just getting a dog.

Months went by and I had all but given up.  There were several close calls where we would see a dog on the website, call and drive to the shelter only to be 5 minutes late and the dog was already adopted or seeing a dog we loved and then having the adoption counselors tell us that the particular dog we liked would NOT be a good fit for our family. It was exhausting and disappointing both for us and the kids.
Wednesday I saw the ad on Craigslist.  I e-mailed the women and got a immediate my spam folder.  Not a good sign I am thinking.  I proceeded to keep in contact and arranged a family meeting with the dog at her house for Friday evening.  Friday morning her ad was flagged for removal on Craigslist.  I kept that little gem to myself and tried to not get my hopes up.  We drove the hour to her house and all I can say is we almost didn't get out of the car.  You could smell dogs before you even got near her driveway.  It was disgusting.  The house, her, the whole situation.  Now this is a woman that supposedly works for a rescue league out of Ohio.  I believe that we rescued Tahoe from the rescue.  There were WAY to many dogs together all fighting and barking and filthy.  My son literally froze and would not move.  She lets the dog we came to look at onto the porch and he immediately pees on me.  Not the best first impression but I let it go because he had just been getting his neck chewed on by some MASSIVE mean looking dog and was probably scared shitless.  He jumps up to give Noah a kiss and Noah falls into the plastic kiddy pool full of shit water that the dogs must drink out of.  He starts crying, Bella starts crying and I ask if we can take the dog for a walk.  If only to get away from the horrid scene in the backyard.

As soon as we got Tahoe away from the other dogs he settled down immediately and layed his head in Dov's lap.  Full of kisses and love.  I had to save him from this house.  As I am talking with the lady she mentions that the cops have been at her house every day that month due to neighbors complaints.  Yeah, no shit.  Your kidding?  They don't love the barking, dog fighting and smell of feces that emanates from your backyard?  Hmmmm.  Shocking! 
Needless to say he his here now and has been absolutely delightful.  He is fully house trained and LOVES to give kisses.  He also went to puppy meet and greet at Petco and was a champ.  Not one outburst.  I am a proud new mom again.

I think Tahoe likes Noah best because he pets UNDER the tail.

I understand loving animals and wanting to save as many as you can but there is definitely a point were you are doing more harm then good.  None of those dogs were happy.  They are surviving, being fed and given water but by no means are they being taken care of by my standards.  I think we got a real good pup out of the deal but WOW that was a wake up call.  I am sure Tahoe will be making many appearances here on the blog since Noah and him have become fast friends.  Happy 4th of July everyone!

Seems pretty cozy to me!

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