Sunday, July 24, 2011

It ends as it started...but with laminate

We ended the week just like it the lake.  This time we had Grammy and Grampy along for the fun.  It did not disappoint.  Noah proved that he is half fish and Bell proved that she can out eat every single person in attendance.  The dogs played nice, the kids were good and Dov caught a perch that weighed about one ounce.  We all left happy.

Shirley is a good sport and will do just about anything to be near her mommy...aka Grammy.
Dov is getting the hang of the rope swing.  Couple more trips and he'll be doing back flips off this thing.
Isn't this what Daddy is for?  Exhausting himself blowing up floats and saying WEEEEEE LOOK AT YOU!!  ISN'T THAT FUN?  Pretty sure it is.
Well they are also good at finding things that toddlers throw off the dock.  Like your sunglasses.  Daddy's are good.
Grampy, Daddy, Bell and Shirley (Grammy's dog)  hanging on the dock.
Noah and Grammy trying to master the water cannons.  Noah seems to have gotten pretty good.  We might have to hide those on the next trip unless everyone enjoys getting a steady stream of water shot at them while they sunbathe on the dock.
Not to leave out the big accomplishment of the weekend.  Dov tore out the carpet at the top of the stairs and replaced it with laminate.  This might seem like a small task for someone that lives in a "newer" home.  In a house that is as old as ours every single measurement is different and nothing is square.  Walls are clearly not straight and neither are doorways.  All in all I have to say he did a beautiful job.  I am also more then glad to say bye bye to that horrible carpet.

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