Tuesday, August 23, 2011

4 vs 1.5 and some random stuff.

A couple little thoughts...

This is the first time in about 5 years that we are NOT in the middle of moving.  I can not explain what a relief that is.  There is nothing worse then moving.  It is bad enough when you just have to move your own junk but add into that a husband and two kids and you have a recipe for at least one nervous breakdown a day...if not more.  Luckily for us, the last two moves we used a moving company and I can not rave enough about the benefits both mentally and physically.  Yes it is expensive and if we had to pay for it...well we would not have had them but boy if we ever, god forbid, have to move again I think I would contemplate raking up some credit card debt just to not have to pack and lug my own junk.  Yes I said pack.  I honest to god did not care if some sweaty weirdo was packing my delicates...really, that's how much I hate packing.

People lie when they say the 2's are the worst.  Then they try to tell you that 3 is hard but it will get better...LIE.  So far in the last few weeks I can see that 4 is not going to be my cup of tea either.  We have a new found sense of independence and we flex our back talking skills on a constant basis.   It is a funny thing that back talk.  I can vividly remember my parents telling me not to back talk them when I was a kid and thinking to myself...what the hell is back talk?.  Some times I would even state that question out loud.  Well that my friends is back talk.  Worthy of a back hand.

My daughter is still not 2 so still pretty cute.  The most she says is UH OH and PUPPY.  I find it hard not to favor 1.5 over 4 right now.  4 is still capable of melting my heart, don't get me wrong, but the moments of defiance and the recent loss of all hearing abilities is really trying to say the least.  I am sure 1.5 is headed directly in the path of 4...maybe even worse, since she thinks that it is HILARIOUS when 4 is having a stand off with Mom.  She just laughs and says UH OH.  Yes and another thing, for anyone out there about to say "wait till they are teenagers"  BITE ME!  I need a light at the end of the tunnel and that statement almost always makes me want to kill myself.

Sometimes 4 wants me to treat him like he is 1.5 and that makes me sad because when I hold him he really is a big boy.  I can actually see how he will look as a teenager now.  He is losing that little kid/baby face and he has definite features and attitude that enable you to picture him as a grown up and that is a weird feeling.  I can vividly remember when I would lie in bed pregnant with 4 and try to picture what he would look like when he was born.  Time really does fly people.

4 can no longer smile normally for a photo and 1.5 will not sit still.

Lastly don't buy nice things or do any home improvements when you have young children or pets.  They destroy everything.  As I typed this 1.5 took a no-spill sippy cup full of grape juice and water and somehow got it to spill it's contents all over my fairly new couch and white rug. As I cleaned this I noticed a huge tear in the otoman from the dog.  Kids/pets 2 Mom 0 and it is only 9 am.

Quick vid of 1.5 and her puppy.

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