Wednesday, August 17, 2011

4 years time

This week I am getting ready to host Noah's 4th birthday party.  It seems like yesterday that I brought him home to our tiny apartment in Marlborough.  This upcoming year will be the last one where he is "technically"all mine.  Next year he will enter school and the rest will, pretty much, be history.  I will have to start sharing him with teachers and friends and someday soon he might even think that his mom is NOT "the best".  He might not tell me that he loves me as "big as the driveway" everyday and he won't want to hug and kiss me when we are in public.  But lets not get ahead of ourselves because hopefully he will be a complete dork and none of this stuff will happen and we will be BEST FRIENDS and he will ask me to prom.  Just kidding.  Kind of.

Now on to the planning.  I am not a theme party person.  I know lots of kids parties are all done in some sort of theme.  Princess, trucks, Cars, Spiderman, whatever gimmicky thing that the child is obsessed with at the time.  My parties are based solely on grilled foods, lots of beverages, both adult and child, and hopefully decent weather so that people will stay OUT of the house.  The cake was my only concession.  Noah wanted something to do with trucks.  It is because he LOVES his daddy.  That was OK.  Trucks it is.  So what if the stupid cake kit cost a extra 13.00 bucks.  He was blissfully happy all the way through Walmart and gleefully told any patron within 10 feet of our carriage what was on his birthday cake.

Back to the house. Every time I have people over I kill myself getting it clean so that absolutely nobody will notice.  By the time the party is over I will walk in and wonder why I didn't just wait till the day after to clean...when it will truly need it.  I see the logic in that statement but my brain is defective and again I will do it ass backwards. 

Lets not forget that this celebration is meant for two little boys.  Noah and his cousin Connor who turned three in July.  They are almost exactly a year apart and hopefully will celebrate many a birthdays together.  I can already picture it.  Noah taking a 21 year old Connor out for his first "legal" drink.  Good lord that is scary.  Lets take a look back over the past 4 years shall we?  Of course.

Cousin Connor 3 weeks old at Noah's first B-day 8/08

Noah and Connor Christmas Eve 2010

Connor, Noah, and Bell 8/11
Muah.  Love you as big as the driveway baby!

Noah and Connor Circa 2011

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