Sunday, August 21, 2011

Birthday Bash 2011

Noah and Connors birthday bash is now a distant memory.  A birthday party that I hope they will recall as one of their best.  The memories might become vague as the years pass but they certainly won't forget the highlights, hunting for bears with their "shotguns", and getting a lawn tractor ride from Grammy and uncle Steven.  But who knows, maybe it will be the pool or the lawn games they played that will stick in their minds, all I know is they will be hard pressed to have a funner kiddo birthday. 

The party was also a good chance for Dov and I to work on the yard a bit more and I think that the house looked nice.  With a yard the size of ours it is a wonder that either of us made it out of bed the morning of the party.  From the mowing to the weeding, not to forget the stacking of wood and cleaning of the garage all the way down to  making sure the chickens lovely odor was as contained as humanly possible.   It is safe to say we were both pretty spent. 

Now... the party in photos.
The Jaffe residence

Don't judge the horse head on my fence will become clear why that hasn't kicked rocks yet in a minute.
Cousin Connor taking a ride into the pool with a little help from Noah

Noah's turn

Wooohooo....Bella wants IN!
One of the horses came by to say Happy Birthday!  See I can't get rid of the horse head!  The neighbors might get mad.
The boys going off to hunt for bear
Anybody want some cake?  Yes, I am well aware that the frosting looks like turds.  It is what I heard all day.

The birthday boys
The boys playing a kid friendly lawn dart game...check out the concentration.
This was serious work and poor Bell was messing up their game.

She just wanted to feel included. 

It just didn't work out.

So we decided that the safest activity would be to take out the lawn mower and hook up  the kids wagon for some rides...hey we live in New Hampshire...we do that kind of thing.

Then we decided to open up some gifts...notice Noah's faux hawk.  Ya I did that.

The moms and the boys
Noah got the best seat in the house.  Thanks Grammy Constance!  Great job.

Noah loved Clifford...

But Tahoe did too.

Autie Sue and me

The garage scene.
It all ended with a fire and a uncle asleep in the woods.

The end.

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  1. Looks like it was a great party! Happy belated birthday Noah! Lovely house!