Monday, August 15, 2011

Girls weekend 2011 ***Castaways***

Girls weekend was a success that certainly, if there is a god,  should become a yearly event.  Getting over to the Island, although NEVER easy is ALWAYS worth it.  We strapped on our sea legs, threw all our luggage, coolers,  bags, and eventually ourselves into the little skiff and off we went.  Row, row, rowing the boat gently across the bay.  It took me a few minutes of looking like a total fool but lo and behold I found my rhythm and we made it to the other dock.  That brought with it more difficulties and two pretty serious injuries, a massive bruise for Jen when she nearly fell head first off the boat and a large chunk of flesh that was removed from my foot as I tried to get out of the skiff.  We did finally off load the boat and got ourselves to safety.  That is where the fun began.  First a few shots of the rowing.

As we settled into the cottage Friday afternoon there was the sound of screaming children in the cottages surrounding us.  Jen and I took one look at each other and took off running for the beach.  No kids for us thank you very much.  Even as they approached us on the beach we would roll over on the towel and pretend not to speak English.  Life is good.

Around cocktail hour I got a phone call that Amy had arrived and was waiting on the mainland.  Off for another boat adventure we went.   Arriving back just in time for drinks on the beach at sunset followed by a beautiful full moon.

Saturday we decided that we would gather our own food for that evenings appetizers and set off quahoging.  I have to say for a bunch of girls we sure did pretty good and thankfully for Amy's Legal Seafood cooking days she was able to crack those babies open and make some of the most delicious baked stuffed quahogs I have ever eaten.  We sat on the beach with a plate of those and some MORE drinkies and I thought maybe I had died and gone to heaven.

Heading out to get some appetizers

Amy opening quahogs

The only thing that could have made this weekend any more perfect was if the Osprey decided to take up residence somewhere other then 50 feet from the deck.  I have never heard a bird make a more obnoxious sound in my life.  Not only that but they go on and on and on.  They made for a nice alarm clock every morning at 5 am.  After research we learned that they eat mammals so we decided that we shouldn't scale the pole and wring their necks.

It all worked out perfectly because Sunday was overcast and rainy as we left.  It made it a little easier to leave paradise on earth and head back to reality.  I have to wrap this up because this week is jam packed full of cleaning and preparing for Noah's 4th Birthday!!  I can't believe how fast time has gone.  My baby is getting awful big.
Thank you Nana and Papa Hanna

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