Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene??

Well New Hampshire might take it in the pooper when it comes to snow but Massachusetts takes it in the pooper when it comes to hurricanes.  As far as I am concerned Hurricane Irene was a big "whatever".  Judging from the pictures that are popping up on Facebook though, Massachusetts had a good show.  The most we had was some pretty hard rain and a few strong gusts of wind...Oh and a basement full of water but what else is new?.  I don't think I have EVER seen my basement dry...well except when we first looked at the house...figures. I was so disappointed that we loaded the kids in the truck and went LOOKING for trouble.  Just to find absolutely nothing.  Not even a tree down.

All Irene had to offer us here in Wilton was a wet basement, a new in-ground swimming pool, and a catalpa branch next to the swing set.   So I guess I can empty my tub and call it a night.  So here you have it.  The forecast for this evening.

Hurricane update-Wilton New Hampshire 6:13 pm EST- rain continues with sustained winds of 8-10 mph.  Gusts as high as 14 mph, driveway strewn with leaves and twigs.  No signs of FEMA or the National Guard in NH to help with the clean up. Barack Obama does not care about white people.

Our new POOL!!
Bell doesn't let a hurricane get in the way of her gardening.
Storm Damage...Better get Bill McLean  Tree service up here.
Indoor swimming pool aka the basement.  This photo looks eerily similar to another that has appeared on the Blog.

Dov can take off his high waters now right?  Please?  I mean what the hell are these things?  They certainly are not shorts but not pants either.


  1. I am so sorry about your parent's boat! Glad you guys are safe and hope clean up goes well! I grew up in Milford, MA BTW, I think that isn't too far from where you are originally from?

  2. What a small world! I grew up in Hopkinton so just a jaunt down good ole Rt 85. Ya the boat was a real bummer. They ALWAYS pulled it for hurricane warnings and the one time they decided that they would ride it out...goes to show you always er on the side of caution.