Thursday, August 4, 2011

Integrated Mathmatics

Blogging has been taking a backseat to finances lately and unless people want to read endless rants about the raping I have been receiving from Suburban Propane or how people that estimate your escrow amounts must have taken integrated mathematics with me and the rest of the degenerates at HHS, there is not too much to say.  Maybe how I have managed to sell 500 bucks worth of crap on Craiglist, but no one wants to hear about me getting pimped out....just kidding just kidding...maybe ;-)  We are finally on the mend and I can breath a sigh of relief that me and hubs have made it through the whole "for richer or poorer" part of our vows with minimal bruising and no broken bones.

There is one thing about the past week that isn't related to the beat down I want to give the assbags at Suburban.  A guest on the Oprah show that really truly use to makes my skin crawl.  I mean as soon as I would see that she was on the lineup I would make it a point to turn the channel before I had to see her EVIL, MONSTER face.  Just her voice would send cold chills down my spine.  Her name.  Susie Orman.  All week that we have been crunching numbers and planning budgets her horrible voice would come into my head chanting..."YOU NEED A SUSIE ORMAN SMACK DOWN!"  It was terrible.  I was having nightmares of her in that nasally voice saying...NO YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO REPLACE THAT FLAT TIRE ON YOUR CAR!  HOOF IT KID!"  Seriously, I am afraid of that woman.  Probably because she is right most of the time, but mostly just because she annoys the ever living crap out of me.

I  got to get going though I have 45 people coming to clean me out of discarded baby junk in my garage and then I have to stop down at a place I like to call the raping station and give them every penny to my name.  After that we are chopping down all the trees in our yard and putting a burn barrel in the den.  Just kidding.  You people know I joke right.  God I hope so.  Happy Thursday.

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  1. Michelle, your first paragraph had me laughing so hard my husband was all "WHAT!! WHAT'S GOING ON!?" :) Love your honesty!

    Erin Conway Hammill :)