Monday, August 1, 2011

Learning curve

Wow...I think that when I was a kid I must have heard the phrase "so you think you know it all huh?" like a zillion times.  Of course I knew very little but like any 13 year old you couldn't tell me anything and I probably thought that I could teach YOU a thing or two.  It seems I thought that maybe you didn't already live through your 13th year plus 20 more.  Yes I was one of those kids.  I am one of those adults too I guess.  I mean I really truly thought that maybe I was on the path to knowing a thing or two in the past few years. Married my wonderful husband, moved away from my hometown to a place where NOBODY knew my name, a Yankee in the south for goodness sakes!  Had two beautiful children, one of whose pregnancy taught me boatloads about acceptance, and how to control the things I can and leave the rest up to chance, the way they best are. I learned how to pack two kids, one of whom was a infant in my car and drive 900 miles alone with no husband so that I could search for homes to buy in less then a MONTH. Then buying a house 1000 miles from where we were living, in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. 
I mean I really thought maybe I was gaining some knowledge about the way things work and how you get things done.  Well I had another lesson this Friday when I went to get the mail and therein was a propane bill for $1350.00 since they underestimated our usage for the year and right behind that a escrow shortage bill for $1350.00, strange coincidence huh?  Well lets just say there was a lot of yelling and crying, maybe a little slamming and overall a horrendous weekend spent figuring out how to pull money out of our ass.  For now things are settled but it just becomes glaringly obvious that this whole homeownership stuff definitely has a learning curve, and it is steep. 
I know most people probably have a few grand saved up for this type of stuff but since we are like a total minority nowadays, living on a single income with two children, things are always by the skin of our teeth.  Those college loan payments REALLY don't help either.  Luckily we are able to make ends meet but holy cow the unexpected stuff does totally throw you.  So therefore there are no cute pictures from the weekend unless you want to see the empty bottle of Aleve that has been doing wonders for my severe migraine stress headache. 
Hope the weekend was nicer to you then it was me, but I know things will look up now.  Because I got my learn na naaa na na!  But cripes why can't I be independently wealthy.
Learning things the hard way blows.

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