Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This is how you will spend the MAJORITY of your day.
So in keeping with my love for masochism I went to the beach yesterday.  Alone.  No husband to help pack and load the kiddos.  Grammy and Grampy were there with cousin Connor to help with the sand trek but overall it was not as bad as I thought it would be.
Baby sister loves the water.
  Here is the thing.  I am not going to try to be the perfect beach mom anymore.  Phew.  I won't be the mom with the tent and the endless snacks.  Just getting out of the house for the day should suffice for these kids.  As long as they are hydrated and have on sunscreen and eat a sandwich at noon they will live.  Happily too.  Alright Grammy says to bring chocolate.  Maybe I will bring chocolate.  For myself.

Noah is helpless from the wrath of his her skillz

You think so huh...keep dreaming.

To the Victor goes the spoils
Another thing I learned is that 11-12 year old boys are mean and I don't like them.  They chase each other around the beach leaving huge red welts on one another from pretend beatings and then claim sand mountains that they didn't make and give anyone that comes near it shit.  Another thing I learned, 3-4 year olds can out negotiate 11-12 year olds and eventually the elders retreat completely defeated by the illogical ramblings of the Little's.  Of course baby girl was the boldest of the three Little's eventually just tearing up the side of the mountain and destroying it.  You go girl!

If you tell a three year old boy that they can pee in the ocean they will run down to the waters edge and pull down their bathing suit and urinate.  Kind of embarrassing.  And don't tell me you haven't peed in the ocean.  If you are walking all the way to the bath house then you can stop now.  Just make sure your waist deep mmmk. 

Reappearance of the tongue.  Noah's concentration face.
Smug mug.

Grampy is the only one with patience to teach these two terrors how to surf cast.

Oh do you want to know something....GIRLS WEEKEND IS 1 DAY AWAY.  Bring it!

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