Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Meant to be...yup.

Ain't she a beauty!
Do you want to hear something that I think is cool?  No.  Well I am gonna tell you anyways.  When we bought our house exactly one year ago, I knew that there was crap stuff that was going to get left in the 3 out buildings that are on the property.  Out buildings is simply a nice term for shack or chicken coop--although one of them was a large barn, so that was nice.  And when we got done signing our next 30 years away and shaking the hands of the previous owners, whom I should have given a swift kick in the rear end, we went back to our new home and began the process of digging though 100 years of back yard shack crap.  I mean there is easily a 18 wheeler load of junk in and UNDER these buildings.  Old boards, gardening pots, ancient shipping crates, coffee cans full of bolts, nuts, and nails, the list is endless.  Most of it is just what I said-junk.  Not to say that there haven't been a few good finds, but nothing worthy of a trip to the Antiques Road Show.  Most of it is just going to be a hassle to get rid of.

Well here's the story...In the basement, yes that disgusting, musty, soaking wet, horrible bane of my existence basement, there was a BIG old soapstone sink.  I just thought it was a ugly old wash/slop sink that we would have to somehow lug out from the dungeon.  So when I think that I can get someone else to do something for me I go for it.  Onto Craigslist went the ad.  I did a tiny (2 minutes) bit of research and found some other similar sinks that had sold for 300 bucks.  I put mine up for 200 because we live in the asshole of the universe and people generally don't like to drive here.  It sat for 3 weeks with only scammers replying.  That was until last night.  A nice guy who is building his new house with all "natural" materials is VERY interested in my sink.  He wants to know dimensions and if it actually holds water.  Ummm I don't know.  It's a sink...so I am going to venture a yes on that.  Into the basement we go to do some further research on this relic.  We notice that it has been painted and that they painted over a plaque on the front.  We scrape off the paint and underneath is the name of the company that manufactured the sink.  Alberene Stone.  I jump onto the computer to find out if we should be making a million and discovered that this sink was carved from a 5 mile vein of soapstone that runs through the Blue Ridge Mountains in Albermarle county, where Dov and I lived before we purchased the house!  Now I don't know about anyone else but I think that is just cool.  I mean it's like a little sign that even though this house has it's fair share of headaches it was always meant to be our headache.  Soapstone can come from many different places but the particular sink that we have is only cut from that vein in Virginia.  Well now I don't want to sell the damn thing but I truly DON'T have a place for it.  So Sunday it will find a new home here in NH in a all natural home.  Oh La La.  We need the money for wood anyways.

For wood...cause this is how we say F YOU to Suburban Propane baby.  Now when I go there to lay the smack down it will hurt a little more because of all my gnarly calluses.

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