Saturday, August 27, 2011

She only thinks your tractors sexy if you can pull Hubs truck out of the ditch.

Well did we ever go out last night.  Countyfest did not let us down.  It was amazing, even with possibly the worst seats in the house.  We literally sat in the highest, furthest section in Gillette Stadium.  When the ticket scanner looks at you and says, "have a nice walk, you should be there in a half an hour"  you know your probably a cheap skate.  By the time we got to our seats though I wouldn't have wanted to sit anywhere else.  We not only had a great view of the stage (distant as it was) but also a gorgeous sunset to take in.  I was blissed out to say the least.  We settled in with our concert neighbors, a nice couple who enjoyed screaming, yelling, and drunk dancing as much as moi and we were off.  That was until some turdy college doofus decided that his pre-game might have been a little too hard and began his vomiting.  Of which I stood for all of about 10 seconds before I told the said idiots friends that if they didn't take their dear comrade to the bathroom I would give him a swift boot off the balcony...I mean there is only so much barfing and spitting I can take while I enjoy my warm 13.00 glass of Cabernet.  Right?
Here is some illegal video of the awesomeness that was Countyfest.

***Scroll to the bottom of the page and pause the playlist before starting the video***

From the parking lot to the last song there was not a bad moment to be had.  That all changed when Hubs decided he wanted to prolong our child free evening and go parking at the power lines in Milford.  Well lets just say that pitch blackness and high grass lead to a 5 foot ditch and a tow truck at 1:30 in the morning.  Not how I had planned on ending our lovely evening but I guess that is what you get for showing a little too much cleavage all night.  Hopefully we will be able to laugh about it in a few years when I get over being extremely pissed off.  Who am I kidding, we have been laughing ever since we got home today.  Poor guy, trying to be romantic and take his wife necking and ends up dumping us in a ravine...oh well, memorable to say the least.  Trying to not get arrested by the Milford police in the wee morning hours sure made me feel young again so I guess that was worth it.

A few shots of the day/evening.

Well Hello there.
Momma forgot the sunscreen.  Oh boy.  Better get drunk enough not to care.
Now if you look behind my hat at that last chunk of seats directly under the stadium lights...that was our seats.
Look at the clouds!  Could you ask for a more perfect friggin day?  I think not.
The long journey to the seats
I guess I was thoroughly enjoying Billy Currington.  Oh yessssss.  I feel the music baby.
He likes me!  He really really likes me!

As we got deeper into the sauce the pictures become increasingly worse as did the evening so I will leave it here.  It was all in all one of my favorite date nights EVERRRRR.

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