Monday, September 26, 2011

Goodbye toddler bed, goodbye rear facing car seat.

This weekend we got rid of Noah's toddler bed.  The little blue race car bed from Little Tike's that he has been sleeping in since a little before his second birthday.  He was totally pumped and I was totally ambivalent.  I could have cared less if he slept in that race car bed till he was 20 years old.  We also sold Bella's infant car seat.  It was a weekend of letting go.  I know that we are moving on and out of the baby stage and it feels good...but in a bittersweet kind of way.

I love not having to pack a diaper bag for trips to the grocery store.

I love not waking up 3 to 6 times a night

I love that I don't have to spend 60+ dollars a month on formula.

I love that I do not have to lug a 50 pound car seat around EVERY PLACE I GO. ( I swear I have a hunch back from that damn thing.)

I love not burping a baby.  Seriously that was the friggin worst.  2:00 am.  Dead silence, pitch black and baby just finished a feeding.  You have been patting the babes back for the better part of an burp.  Do you put them back to bed and pray that they did burp and you were too deliriously tired to hear it?  You already know that just as you fall into that nice deep sleep your baby is either going to awake screaming with inconsolable gas pains or else vomit all over the crib...Then you can feel guilty and tired.  Awesome right?  Nope, I will not miss that.

I love that my children are done teething.

I love that they do not need to visit the pediatricians office EVERY SINGLE MONTH.  Where they will receive shots EVERY SINGLE TIME while you physically restrain them.  That is seriously the ONLY time I want to hit a nurse.

I love that I no longer have to sit in the pediatricians waiting room for a hour every month with my immune compromised infant, while snot nosed kids like mine run around wiping boogers on all surfaces...seriously those places are like petri dishes.  DISGUSTING.

The list goes on but those are the major ones.  There are plenty of things that I will miss about those days too.  I mean what smells better then a tiny baby?  Nothing.  I  already know that I miss nap times that lasted more then a half hour.  Not to mention that within that thirty minutes of pretend napping there are a barrage of requests for a drink and at least two bathroom trips.  But I am looking forward to some things too.  Like actually being able to fall asleep in bed with Noah after stories.  I totally did not fit in that race car bed.  I am also looking forward to regaining a smidgen of my freedom back.  I can assure you that it is much easier to find babysitters for children that don't soil themselves on the hour.  Oh I know each stage comes with it's pros and cons.  I am looking forward to what's next.  I think?

From this...

To this.

My big boy.

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  1. Oh, I just love the 'from this' photo. I just adored that age and often go back to pictures from back then. You're right though - lots to look forward to and lost to remember. The kids growing up is such a bittersweet thing.