Monday, September 19, 2011

I love you a bushel and a peck.

A day spent at the orchard with the kids is a day well spent.  Until you get in the car to leave and your daughter, who decided to taste test every apple we picked, hurls all over herself and the entire back seat of the truck.  Other then the vomit it was a great day.  The weather was nice and cool and we got to take a hayride on the back of my husbands dream machine, a John Deere tractor.  My cousin Jen and her two kiddos Carina and William came along too.  Here we are riding over to the orchard.

I was smart this time around and brought the kids wagon.  Last year we ended up with a disaster on our hands when Noah decided 4 minutes into apple picking that he was "tired" and wanted to ride in the umbrella stroller that we had brought to push Bell around in.  So me and hubs had to switch off carrying Bella and pushing a umbrella stroller with a cranky 3 year old through a bumpy field...not easy.  This year the wagon came and it worked like a charm.  Bell pretty much remained stationary in the wagon taking a bite out of every apple in the bag and Noah and Carina jumped in and out as they pleased.  We made Dad pull it since all apple orchards are on small mountains.  Good ole Dad.  Love that guy. 

After all the apple and pear picking we could handle we headed over to check out the pumpkins and livestock.  Noah and Carina's highlight was definitely the pony ride.  Carina even had it take a poo while she rode, all very exciting.

Baby William was as content as could be all day.  What a cutie pie.

Never any bad shots at the orchard.

This one friggin killed me.  I didn't even look at it till we got home since I was the one holding Bell up.  She was by no means being hung up there but you wouldn't know that from looking at her.  I guess it is a good thing that she didn't puke here.  That could have been messy...

Of course I had to get in on the fun!

Bell in the crooked farm house.  Dov seems to think she resembles Jack Nicholson in The Shining here.

After all the fun we had at apple picking we went on over to the Toomey household for some delicious Chili and Apple crisp...oh and some football.  It was a perfect fall day.



  1. So many great shots! I love Fall, and the orchard. We were just out in farmland yesterday afternoon doing our free range meat and eggs shopping and it's starting to get super beautiful out there. (The apples and vomit story is priceless).

  2. We were at Berlin Orchards yesterday! :) But I was so sad because I wanted cider donuts and the guy in front of us in line got the last bag!!!! :P I did get hot apple cider though which made me soo happy. It's a great place!

    Erin Hammill