Sunday, October 9, 2011

Keeping it together in the crosswalk.

Well Friday night was our "no kids" anniversary celebration.  It was lovely.  While Dov drove the kids to my parents I removed the 10 billion toys from the tub and took a nice long bath.  God how I love baths.  I had almost forgotten how much I loved them since I barely have time to take a shower most mornings.  After my leisurely soak I took my damn time getting dressed and putting on makeup.  I did my makeup so good that in the one picture I took, it appears that I was able to completely obliterate my nose. 

So that is interesting right?  Not often you get to see yourself without a nose.  The great part is that at the time of the picture I had drunk just enough wine to not really know WHY the picture looked funny.  I just knew something was off.  It took a little TOO long to figure out that my honker was missing.

So dinner was great...blah blah blah.  Today the kids are home so we headed over to the Pumpkin Festival in nearby Milford NH.  Noah got to see a 1,300 lb pumpkin and I got to sweat my ass off in this unseasonably HOT October weather.  Oh and I got to watch a lady literally lose her shit about cars not stopping to let us cross the street.  This lady went friggin nuts!  Bell was even shocked.  You know when someone is being completely asinine and they want to get YOU to justify it by agreeing with them?  Yeah well she kept doing that.  *Exaggerated sigh*  "JEEZUS PEOPLE!  WHAT! YOU DON'T SEE US STANDING HERE?  GOD PEOPLE ARE RIDICULOUS!  HELLO?  HELLO?  PEDESTRIANS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY PEOPLE!!!"  This went on for about 30 seconds and then she starts trying to get me worked up.  So I decided that crossing the street right then wasn't really necessary.  I told her that I was so mad that I couldn't possibly cross the street now and high tailed it out of there.  So that was exciting.

Fair food followed...very healthy.  Hot dogs from the Milford Lions club.  mmmmm.  Delicious.  And cotton candy because I obviously wanted my son to have a meltdown later at the grocery store.  So now that I have filled up with crap food we are getting back on track tonight with some salmon on the grill.  So good!  Hope you all are enjoying the long weekend!  Let's take a lesson from crazy crosswalk lady and RELAX. ; )

Bella's new "Good boy" phrase.  Too damn cute.

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  1. Those are quite the pumpkins! And wow, your weather ... what is up with that?! I'm not sure if I'm envious or what ;)

    Ha, the crosswalk lady story ... hilarious. I hope you really said you were too mad to cross now because that's golden!