Sunday, November 6, 2011

A November 5th Halloween

Wilton, with all the storm damage and lack of electricity, delayed the Halloween festivities till last night.  I wasn't quiet sure how it would be or if any one would actually do it, since once October is over it really does not feel like Halloween.  A trip to the local Walmart convinced me it was over with all the costumes and candy heaped up in the front of the store marked for clearance.  We took our chances that the good folks of downtown Wilton wouldn't let us down.  And they didn't.  Last night was great.  Granted there was no haunted house at the Fire department but the kids had a blast.  We met up with our friends down the street and took the gaggle off to get their trick or treat on!

When we got there it was hard to keep track of where the kids were in the dark with so many other people around but I really wanted to get a few shots of the kids ACTUALLY trick or treating so I asked my husband if he wouldn't mind taking some pics with his iPhone.  He looks at me like I have twenty heads and says, "Ummmmm I HAVE been taking pictures ALL night."  Well OK then.  When we got home this is what I got for pictures.  Nice right?  I got about 2 of those.  Grainy, weird, videos of God knows what.

I myself am not a big Halloween fan.  Give me Thanksgiving and Christmas but not Halloween.  Dov on the other hand LOVES him some Halloween.  He has to dress up every year.  This year was no different. So right  before we leave for the night he walks to the end of the stairs with his phone playing the theme song whatever horrible horror movie this costume is from and managed to scare his daughter shitless.  Hence why she is balling in every single picture and why Dov was banished to the outdoors.  Pretty good get up if you ask me though.

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  1. Yikes! I'm sorry you guys were affected by the storm, bummer. On the other hand, what an experience!!

    I'm not a Halloween person at all either, and our Thanksgiving in Canada comes before, so now it's all Christmas focus for us, yay!!