Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So as for the break the blog has been taking...I just have not been inspired.  By anything.  The kids aren't being cute, the dog is still an asshole, and Dov has been working an insane amount of hours and I am here alone with the kids for days at a time.  All this leads to me being, for lack of better terms, burnt the hell out!  That, and for some absurd reason my internal clock has set itself to wake up at 4:30 am EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I then lie in bed and have severe anxiety over how F-ING tired I am going to be come 7 o' clock the next evening when the kids are whining and needing tubs and jammies and stories and constant attention!  The constant attention would be for Bella.  That precious angel has become ungodly whiny and clingy and it IS NOT HER TEETH.  If one more person says " Oh, she must be cutting some teeth." I will freak out.  She is not getting any teeth...she just loves to be held...ALL THE TIME.  It does not matter if I am cooking, vacuuming or driving, the girl cries until she is being held.  If you think I exaggerate just ask her auntie Katie.  She just spent the past day and a half with us, repeating "Bella! Whatsa matta?" over and over and over again.

The culprit

There is all that and then the fact that I have started to actually put some effort into getting back into shape.  Something that I probably should have attempted before getting knocked up for a second time while still hanging on to the 40 extra pounds that baby numero uno blessed me with.  Packing the additional 40 on the 40...not my smartest move.  So now I have begun, in earnest, to lose the weight.  I have passed the "oh she just had a baby" phase and moved straight into "Wow! She let herself go" land.  So the mornings are spent exercising and trying to NOT eat the left over waffles on Noah's plate.  So it's all...1,2,3 ZUMBA for me while Bell whines right by my side the entire time!  Oh the joy.

As for how the blog will progress from here, I don't know.  I guess I will play it by ear.  Hopefully some day real soon Bella will decide that she wants to try out those perfectly good legs and I can get my hip back.  Now that would be something.  I might even get inspired again!

Pretty much sums it up.

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  1. Hugs, mama!

    I love how you've kept your sense of humour through it all, though. I laughed out loud a couple of times, especially at ... 'The Culprit', She looks so adorable, yet so devilish ;)