Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things that make me go awwwww.

I am going to brag a bit...I have the sweetest husband ever!  As mentioned in my last post, Dov put together Noah's play set this past weekend.  Along with that we did a little limb removal on the giant catalpa tree in our yard, the tree that Noah's tire swing hangs on.  I watched him chainsaw off a few large branches on Saturday but what I didn't see was this.
Love it.  At least while the mosquito's eat me alive as I endlessly push Noah on the swing, I can glance up and see that. 

Since it is finally NOT raining we decided that we would lunch outside.  Good times. 
Noah decided that Bell needed some help finishing her goldfish.  This led to the collapse of our carefree yard luncheon.  Also I am now just waiting for Bell to get a foot to the head as she prances back and forth in front of the swing set while Noah swings.  I can't think of a better excuse for Noah to give Bell a good swift kick across the yard.  So Now I just scream "WATCH OUT BELLA""WATCH OUT NOAH" over and over and over...

Also tomorrow is the last episode of Oprah.  I am not quite sure how I feel about it.  I am having a little send off party with Amy.  Moscow mules and appetizers followed by a little dinner and lots of tissues.  Oprah has marked the starting of dinner preparation and the only female companionship I have most days being home in the boonies with two kids.  Not to mention the years that I watched her before I had children.  I am praying that they find a suitable replacement.  Not Dr. Phil.  I DETEST Dr. Phil.  Pompous ass.  Master of the obvious.  Not really confident anyone can fill her shoes.  :(  It will be a sad day.


  1. You have the sweetest husband ever? Have you been hanging around with MY husband? 'cause I have the sweetest husband EVER!!!

    LOL! I guess it's great when wives feel theirs is truly the best!

    Visiting from vB and LOVE the pics, especially the carved heart in the tree. So lovely!


  2. I think you should brag about your husband all you want. He sounds like an absolute sweetheart. I love your pictures, too.

    Found you on the Finding New Friends blog hop.
    CJ xx