Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bluff charge and the bear whisperer.

Noah obviously enjoys his new airplane from the Dollar Store.  In the hour that he tossed it around the yard there was only one expression on his face.  I suspect it to be childhood concentration but it looks like adult constipation.

This thing was worth all 100 pennies and truth be told Noah bought it for himself with all the money he has made getting himself dressed in the morning.  Hey if he wants to wear a pajama shirt, jeans, and his wubba (rubber) shoes that is fine by me.  I have enough people to get dressed in this house.  One down one to go.   I love that a dime is enough to get him to do just about anything, from getting dressed to Swiffer sweeping the house.  Ten cents is as good as offering him twenty bucks.  Pretty sweet gig I got going on here.

In other news my packet from the Fish and Game Department came yesterday.  If you don't know why I would need such information you can catch up here.

Yup there it is.  Some real pearls in here guys.  Lets see, for starters they tell you that if you see a bear that you should start singing.  That should deter the bear and you will be fine and dandy.  Welp I can attest to the fact that the bear I was dealing with did not care in the slightest when I yelled and screamed and I am sure he would not have cared if I started singing.  OK OK maybe there is some other good life saving advice buried in here lets see lets see.  Oh here.  A bear will BLUFF CHARGE when scared.  STAND YOUR GROUND!  DON'T SHOW FEAR!  Oh really.  I know what would happen.  I would shat myself.  Then die.  Of a heart attack.  Then get eaten by the bear.
My favorite part is coming up...wait for it.

All these bears trapezing through MY yard.  Playing on MY KIDS swing set.  Eating MY APPLES.  Well ladies and gentlemen that is a success story.  Okey dokey folks.  Well I am having great success here living in terror of anything that moves in the woods.  Hope you all had a great weekend. 

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