Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sista has a big nog

June 28th can not get here fast enough.  Noah will be starting his summer program and I can start to regain a little sanity.  I am becoming so desperate for activities for him and Bella that he can convince me to do almost anything and that even includes taking him to go get ice cream at 1 in the afternoon...not that he had to twist my arm too hard. 

It started out with a lovely trip to my second least favorite place on earth, Walmart.  I struggle through the masses all the while continuously grabbing my daughters legs and pushing her into the sitting position so that she doesn't plummet to the floor and get her second concussion in as many months.  I think between Noah's broken leg and Bella's toss down the stairs we are about one incident away from a complete CPS investigation.  All through the store Bella screams and cries while Noah repeats over and over, "see how good I am mom!  My sister is being SO NAUGHTY and I am being SO GOOD!"  By the time I get all the groceries in the trunk and both kids strapped in the boiling hot car I am ready to throttle someone.  As we drive out of the parking lot Noah does something that he never has done before.  He uses a "mom voice" to repeat something I had said earlier in the day.  Yes, my three year old is mimicking me in a high pitch squeaky voice.  It was in this voice that he asked if he could have ice cream for lunch.  Sure why not.

Now my little Bella Boo.  She had her 15 month checkup the other day and all in all she is doing better then fantastic.  Right on track for all her milestones and slightly above the curve in body proportions.  At this rate she will tower over me when she is 12.  Height is in the 80th percentile, weight in the 75th, and head circumference still at 97%.  What can I say sista has a big nog.  The doc even went as far as asking me to put her on 2% milk instead of whole and then asked that we turn her car seat back into the rear facing position.  SORRY NO.  Can you imagine this baby in her huge stage 2 car seat with the 5 point harness facing backwards?  Her damn feet would be touching the rear windshield for Christ sakes.  Stupid rules.  I have never been to good at following them and I don't think that is going to change now.  I guess I am just giving CPS some more fodder.  I should probably stop that.  This is what Bell thought about it all.
Look at Bell rocking the Belly shirt!  She's all like, "Give me my whole milk sucka, and if you turn my car seat around I will punch you in the throat!"

That more like it mom.

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  1. Good god she's cute! She reminds me of my Mad-a-girl, who's now three. We call her The Director.

    Is there really some place worse than WalMart? *shudder* Don't name it. I don't want to know!