Thursday, September 22, 2011

Baby steps

Not sure if you remember but 7 and a half months ago I wrote this post.  As a synopsis...I am a lame person that would rather duck and run then speak to the mother of a child that goes to school with my son and lives next door.  Yes.  I am awesome. 

In that post I mentioned that I would try to work on my communication skills and maybe speak to this woman.  Well ladies and gentlemen I have done it.  I am going to her house today at 1 with Noah and Bella.  GO ME!  Only took 7 months.  Not so bad right?  Hahahaha.  The best part...I made her come to me.  Oh and it was SUPER AWKWARD.  Want to know why??  Because I am socially misguided.  Here is the tale.

My son goes to a integrated pre-school.  There are children with all sorts of different special needs.  Some speech delays, some physical delays and some typical kiddos.  I love this program.  There are triple the amount of teachers and half the number of kids.  Noah gets the benefits of occupational therapist, speech therapist, and physical therapist.  I have to admit, at first I was a little leary but that was ridiculous...he friggin loves it there and has made many friends, unlike me.

This neighbor, who's son goes to school with Noah, came up to me one day about 4 months ago and says, "Hi I think we are neighbors?"  I act all surprised.  "Oh really?"  "Yes maybe I have followed you home every day for the past year. Sure, ya we are neighbors."  She goes on to say that her son is in the autism program and that they have a group to help develop social skills at her house once a week and would I like Noah to join them.  Now at this point I might have told her that Noah is not in the autism program but that I would love for him to be able to join.  Nope.  Not social misfit me.  She goes on to say that the director of the program will give me a call with the details and the next date for the playgroup.  Needless to say the director never calls me because Noah is not enrolled in the autism program.  Do I go back over to my neighbor and say anything after a couple of weeks have passed?  No.  I just let it get really weird and then I avoid any eye contact.

Jump to the new school year.  Neighbor lady comes up to my car and says, "I am so sorry.  I just thought Noah was in the program and that is why I never got back to you about the playgroup.  But my son talks about Noah all the time so I would still love for him to come."  Me..."Oh that is ok, sure sign us up!"  Then I procede to tell her that I have like one friend in NH and that I am in desperate need of some adult companionship.  Now we might be walking buddies.  Aren't I cool?  No.  Whatever people, baby steps.  The next leap is wine buddy.  That is a prerequisite for any lasting friendship of mine.

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  1. Hahaha, you're so funny ... this was a hilarious read.

    And if those last two lines are truly true, well, you and I? Would be BFFs.